Max Moneycome: Money Superhero

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Embark on an enchanting adventure with “Max Moneycome: Money Superhero” – an eBook that combines captivating storytelling with essential financial lessons.

Join Max, Lana, and Willy as they journey through a series of magical escapades, discovering the secrets of money, banks, savings, honesty, and generosity.

Written in the style of classic fairy tales, this educational eBook is the perfect way for young children to learn about these important concepts in a fun and engaging manner.

With vibrant illustrations and a captivating narrative, “Max Moneycome: Money Superhero” takes children aged 4 to 8 on a thrilling quest for financial literacy.

Through Max’s courageous exploration, kids will develop an understanding of financial responsibility, wise spending, and the value of saving.

Let your child unleash their inner superhero and empower them with the knowledge they need for a bright financial future.



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